About NGC


Working at NGC offers you a chance to think about fascinating, intricate and important challenges everyday.

USA Based Senior Consultant/Relationship Manager


  1. 20+ years experience in the Apparel, Footwear, Fashion Industry 
    • Product Development Expertise
    • Sourcing & Production Expertise
    • Compliance Expertise (Product, Material & Social)
    • Quality Control Expertise
  2. Strong Management, Leadership and Project Management Skills in the Apparel Industry
  3. Solid understanding of software systems, their value to an organization and experience in participating in successful deployments in an organization
  4. Expertise in Apparel Industry business processes
  5. A known expert in the apparel industry with vast experience working in and/or servicing U.S. or  Canadian or European Brands & Retailers
  6. Creative and innovative thinker and problem solver

Position Job Description:

The position of Senior Consultant based in the USA entails several key elements:

  1. Overseeing implementation projects of US, Canadian and European Centric projects which involves
    • Project Management
    • Coordination of NGC Global Resources
    • Project Strategy, business process and change management
    • Interaction with Executives, Project Leads and Business Leads to ensure proper level setting, scope and project success
  2. Coordination with NGC Global resources to ensure smooth project progress and success
  3. Deep NGC Product Knowledge and Expertise to enable successful facilitation of projects, strategy and solutioning
  4. Manage Customer Relations executives and key managers
  5. Develop strong relationships and customer references
  6. Uncover new opportunities with both existing customers and potential new customers
  7. Be involved in all meaningful industry organizations where relationships can be built and industry knowledge can be shared and learned


  1. Commensurate with qualifications 
  2. Competitive and Negotiable

To apply, please email us at info@ngcsoftware.com