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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

From concept through adoption, NGC's PLM software offers productivity and efficiency improvements during every step of development.

Every company is unique, especially when it comes to managing their product lifecycle. NGC’s Retail, Fashion and Apparel PLM software solution can be configured to the specific needs of any company and offers productivity improvements in every area of Development. It provides companies with real-time visibility to product data and shares information with Planning, Merchandising, Design, Costing, Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Our PLM software is a flexible, collaborative platform that can be deployed as a stand-alone product development solution or an integrated application within an enterprise.

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5 Ways Our Retail, Fashion and Apparel PLM Solution Benefits Your Business

Increase Speed to Market by managing workflow in a global, collaborative environment.

Enhance efficiency by using product development calendars to monitor on time schedules and performance.

Raise gross margins by reducing the cost of goods sold through line item price negotiations, raw material commitments and capacity planning.

Improve product adoption rates by making “go/no-go” decisions earlier in the product development cycle.

Reduce sampling costs by establishing product viability prior to issuing sample requests.


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We have nine brands that we’re managing, from the wholesale perspective domestically. And we were managing all of these tasks internally as a company in Excel. So, just to break it down for you, nine brands that have about three launches a year and we have 66 tasks in our product lifecycle management so if you add that up it comes out to about 1800 tasks that we were managing as a company with different timetables. Just impossible to manage. That caused this to be a little bit disjointed so when we partnered with NGC, it kind of brought it all together. It's been a phenomenal system for us. 

Josue Solano


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