Lucky Zone Design Group

Lucky Zone Design Group, LLC is a rapidly growing fashion and sporting goods company. They design, development, and manufacture accessories and apparel. 

Their fashion division focuses on accessories for Men, Ladies, and Youth which can be found in various retailers from mass market to department store private label. Their sporting goods division focuses on licensed accessories and apparel for specialty retailers.

“Since we implemented NGC’s ERP XPress, we’re shipping more than 5 times what we did last year. We’re that much more efficient, and we couldn’t have done it without the NGC system.”

Bart Young
Vice President of Operations


Lucky Zone Design Group Case Study

Lucky Zone Design Gets on the Fast Track to Growth with ERP XPress

Challenge: As Lucky Zone’s business expanded rapidly, the apparel manufacturer needed to be fully EDI integrated in order to serve its growing customer base of outdoor apparel retailers – which led the company to search for an ERP system.

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