G&K Services

G&K Services, Inc. is a service-focused market leader of branded uniform and facility services programs in the United States, and is the largest such provider in Canada. Founded in 1902 by Alexander and Morris Gross in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, G&K Services today has approximately 7800 employees serving approximately 170,000 customers from 160 facilities in North America.

We had a lot of individual systems where we stored one piece of data, raw materials and another we stored the work in process. We bought the PLM , the TPM and the ERP which is Red Horse and now we have everything on one database and it’s all interrelated so that we have great visibility. It gives us the ability to be able to predict and tell our customers really what’s going on rather than what we think is going on. It allows us to optimize our manufacturing capital and minimize how much we have to have in knowing what we have. It’s a good system overall that meets everybody’s objectives. You can tailor it for what you need.

Jackie Boatman
Senior Director of Manufacturing



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